Historic (More than 7 days)

It takes courage from the moment you begin to think ‘maybe I need to work this out’, right through the very end. It takes courage to believe that you can work it out and that you have the right to do so. It takes great courage to face ourselves as we really are.

No matter how long ago you experienced the sexual violence, your feelings about what happened to you are important. You have the right to be listened to, no matter what you want to say. Through speaking about your abuse you may be able to overcome any difficulties that you experience as an adult.

There are several stages of healing including acknowledging what happened to you, breaking the silence, believing that you were not to blame, living through and integrating the feelings of grief, pain and anger. It is hard work and it takes time and it may be painful, but eventually you will reach what is known as the stage of resolution, where, at last, you will be free to move on and concentrate on the present and your aspirations for the future.

Our Volunteer Helpline is on Wednesday nights 7pm- 9pm or Saturday 10am- 12 noon.  We offer anonymous individual and confidential Support. Messages can be taken during office hours and a discreet 24 hours answer phone is available at all other times.

Our Confidential Helpline is 01733 852578.


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