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Have you just been raped or sexually assaulted?

Imediate Steps

First thing to do is make sure you are in a safe place, where you are able to remain calm as you are more than likely going to still be  in traumatic shock.

You are not alone!

Understand that this is not your fault, nothing you did gave anyone the right to do this. The fault lies entirely with the person who raped or sexually assualted you. Talk to someone for support. This could be our Helpline, other organistion helplines or a friend or family member who you can trust to support you. Ideally this person will come with you if you decide to do any of the following.

Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)

SARC’s speciallist medical and forensic services is for anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted. They aim to be one to one providing medical care and forensic examination following the sexual violence. Most SARCs are able to offer medical services to anyone including those who do not wish to report the assault to the Police. However, forensic evidence will be there should you change your mind. Medical care is free of charge and provided for anyone. In order to preserve any evidence that may be present it is vital that help from the SARC is accessed as immediately as possible after an assault.

The Cambridgeshire SARC number is 0800 193 5434

If you decide to come into the SARC

  • Do not wash
  • Do not brush your teeth
  • Do not have a cigarette
  • Do not eat or drink
  • Do not change your clothes (Or put them safely in a plastic bag)
  • Try not to go to the toilet
  • Do not clear up anything from the area of the incident

Don’t worry if you have already done some of these things. Its quite possible that there is still evidence to collect as well as injuries that can be documented.


We have a large variety of Helplines on our Links page.


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