Survivors Noticeboard

Coping Techniques

Please read or download these coping techniques. Use them as much or as little as you  feel you need to.

Managing Flashbacks

Managing Nightmares

Grounding Methods

Relieving Tension

Survivor Feedback

Please click on the link below to complete a quick evaluation form of our services! We really appreciate your feedback as we always want to find ways of improving our services!

Evaluation Form

As our Ethos says we hold survivors at the heart of all the services we offer and everything we do.

We really value and appreciate survivor feedback and comments on your experience and feelings of the service we deliver how we can improve it and what you have liked.

Your feedback is vital to the make sure we are delivering the best service we can and to make sure all survivors are getting a service they want and is benefiting them.

You can feedback to PRCCG your comments/ opinions by emailing us at by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ page or give your feedback/ comments to your support worker to pass on or use the suggestion box in the counseling room at our Peterborough office.

You will also find a Service User Feedback Surveys on the board in counseling room 1 in our Peterborough office.

We are happy to let you know what we have done with your feedback, how we have listened and how valuable your feedback is to us if you let us know at the time of giving feedback/ opinions/ comments.,  we will let you know what action has been taken and/ or what has been put in place where possible

We really appreciate your help making the survivors voice heard


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